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The Solo Committee

Nearly twenty years ago, a small group of people began holding Christian Science Sunday services on the south side of St. Louis. It was a precious group, and Susan, a Christian Science practitioner, decided to drag out her old guitar and do some church songs. She began setting familiar Bible passages to original music and eventually she attempted setting a Bible story to music. The result was the song, “Jairus’ Daughter.” She kept writing, was joined by Carey and Sue Loomis, and over the years they have written hundreds of songs, produced 9 CDs, toured the country, helped raise money for worthy causes, produced sheet music, arranged their songs for use by church soloists, and some of their songs have become hymns for congregational use.

We have been blessed to have the active partnership of our own grown children in this music. Sue and Carey’s kids have played the bass, percussion and added harmonies and Susan’s kids lent their artistic talents with watercolors for the cover and photos for liner notes. We cherish the deep friendship out of which this music has grown.

All of our music has one and only one purpose and that’s to heal and comfort. We hope that as you listen you feel wrapped up in the music as though it were a blanket of Love or a hug from God. It’s our great joy to share it with you here on Hymnstream, and you can find all our work at