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Lisa Redfern

As an award-winning singer-songwriter, Lisa is best known for her live shows featuring the original songs from her recordings. Hymns and inspirational music have been a through line in her life. She has been a soloist in Christian Science branch churches since she was 22 and has guest soloed at The Mother Church several times. In 2009 Lisa was chosen as one of four soloists to record hymns for the CS Publishing Society’s 2 hymn CD set, “Let’s Sing.” She also contributed to the “The Weekly Musician” podcasts produced by TMC Youth. Her setting of "Mother's Evening Prayer" (named "Sandra's Melody" for her late mother) is included in the newest Christian Science Hymnal, published in 2017. She writes in the liner notes of her hymn CD, A Living Prayer, "Wherever my spiritual journey has taken me, it is the music that has resonated most deeply and that I carry with me when I reach to the Divine for healing and comfort." Her music is available at: