Tabea Mangelsdorf

For many years, German singer and composer Tabea Mangelsdorf (Tabeah) has travelled to remote and crisis-ridden areas around the globe with a sense of adventure and interest in its people. She studied classical singing in the US, popular music in Germany, gathered stories of the untouchable people in India, joined a long peace pilgrimage through the West Bank and has been in close collaboration with musicians “Favela da Paz” (slum of peace) in the once most dangerous slum of the world in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has toured in Brazil and Germany since 2013. As a musical director, she leads various intergenerational and intercultural choirs, orchestra and band projects, creating spaces where people from very different backgrounds can meet and dismantle prejudices. Recently, she has toured with the transcultural Ikatar Ensemble, bringing together different musicians from all over the world every year.

Her newest project is the Duo Nahira Ziwa with the portugiese Hang and frame drum player Nuno Moreno, exploring the music of the moment. Her solo project, Tabeah creates a world of its own. It takes you on a journey into a soundscape full of colors and depth. Almost pop, not quite post-rock, but with classical string arrangements and soundtrack-ripe melodies, this music speaks to many strands of world music.

The stories and experiences of Tabea's life flow into the songs of her music with a poetic and strong prayer for healing. She has loved working with TMC Youth and Christian Science churches. Her life is dedicated to letting go and trusting fully in the Infinite, letting music come through her in full gratitude and love. Explore more of her music at: