Meghan Dunn

Many of my most cherished experiences have involved music, revealing heaven on earth, even in the midst of what seemed to be the exact opposite.

Singing in Sunday School was a great highlight for me as a child, and I have since been honored with the opportunity to solo in Christian Science Churches, give concerts and lead hymn sings in Christian Science care facilities as well as sing with individuals there, and to host informal musical gatherings at my church.

I participated in musicals from childhood through college, but as I began to express myself more in writing and was exposed to other musical genres, I was inspired to begin composing my own songs and to learn to play an instrument, interests which have remained consistent over the years.

As I first started to turn to the Bible in earnest as a young adult, I also began learning to rightly appraise my talent, like all talents, as a gift from God, and a way to pray.