“How would you live your life if you were completely free of fear?” It’s a question worth pondering at the start of a new year. We’ve prepared a collection of hymns and songs for you offering inspiration for overcoming fear. And here’s a poem written by 19th-century author, Mary Baker Eddy, written as a prayer at the outset of a new year as America was rebuilding after the Civil War and she was taking her first steps as a spiritual healer.

Father of every age,

Of every rolling sphere,

Help us to write a deathless page

Of truth, this dawning year!

Help us to humbly bow

To Thy all-wise behest —

Whate'er the gift of joy or woe,

Knowing Thou knowest best.

Aid our poor soul to sing

Above the tempest's glee;

Give us the eagle's fearless wing,

The dove's to soar to Thee!

All-merciful and good,

Hover the homeless heart!

Give us this day our daily food

In knowing what Thou art!

- Mary Baker Eddy, Swampscott, Mass., January 1, 1868