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Susan Mack Snipes

Spiritual healing has been my focus for over thirty years, and singing is a tender part of that ministry for me. So often when I would be praying with someone, I would be impelled to sing hymns to them, and it would bring great comfort and healing. I never thought of myself as a musician really, but more like a mother singing to comfort a child. When a small group of us started a Christian Science Society, I got out my guitar and sang hymns for the solo. Then gradually I began setting Bible passages and stories to music for these solos. They were simple, heartfelt, folk hymns but they seemed to bring that same profound comfort and healing to the congregation. I began recording them with the desire that people, in moments of need, could feel the Mother-love of God through the messages from the Bible and the Christian Science Hymnal. Ten CDs were completed and eventually several of my folk hymns and musical settings were incorporated into the 2017 Christian Science Hymnal. My greatest joy about this singing part of my ministry is that I can now, by recording, sing to and comfort people I need never know about or be personally present with—it’s like it removes the middle person and just leaves the Comforter. I’m not currently doing much with music as I give my full-time to praying for others as a Christian Science practitioner. Gratefully the recordings continue their healing ministry and hymnstream will be one more way of sharing it!