Peter Link

After several decades working and composing for the secular markets of the Pop Music world, the Broadway Stage, Hollywood Films, Ballet, Television and the Industrial world, with the success of the Jenny Burton Experience, a Gospel/Pop Inspirational Music group that ran in NYC and nationally for over 10 years, it was clear to me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life writing music of greater spiritual content. I had written enough “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” songs for a lifetime and just felt that I wanted to work in a more content rich arena.

Wishing to reach a world-wide audience with this new direction, my wife, Julia Wade, the soloist at The Mother Church and I decided to create Watchfire Music, an on-line platform to bring not only our own work, but also to gather under one roof the works of many like-minded composers and artists who needed to be known and appreciated. Here we market thousands of Inspirational songs to this world-wide audience seeking music of greater spiritual content.

Presently, I am completing a year-long focus on a new Broadway musical entitled “Searching For My Father”, a story featuring many of the cherished stories of the Bible whose thematic arc through the play is the revelation and re-incarnation of mankind’s understanding of God as a loving, perfect and comforting God that is goodness, all in all.

Music is a tremendous healing communicator, and music coupled with inspiring lyrics and stories lifts the human heart to a greater understanding and purpose. Both Julia and I see and hear about the results of this work every day. We’re grateful to have found our place in the healing arts.

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  • 6:12
    Julia Wade and Peter Link. Text by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • 5:16
    Julia Wade and Peter Link. Inspired by text by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • 5:12
    Julia Wade and Peter Link. Poem by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • 4:47
    Julia Wade and Peter Link. Text by Mary Baker Eddy.