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Mindy Jostyn

Mindy was a highly gifted and much-loved singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who enjoyed a professional career for many years, touring with Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, Carly Simon, and others. She released four solo CD’s that showed her fluency with a range of instruments and musical styles including folk, country, blues, and pop. During her concerts, she would often weave in “folk hymns” and original songs that spoke to the deeper themes she was always thinking about. In the title song of her CD, “In His eyes” Mindy sings of what is like to be seen through the eyes of a loving God who only beholds our innocence and goodness. She first performed this song for patients at an AIDS clinic and, since then, it has touched and healed countless people across cultures and faiths and is often sung as a solo in Christian Science churches. During the last year of her life, Mindy recorded “Coming Home,” a CD which includes many of her most deeply spiritual songs and hints at the transcendent quality of her thought. She passed on in 2005. Hymnstream is deeply grateful to her family for allowing us to include Mindy’s tracks in our collection so that her voice continues to reach and bless wider audiences. All of Mindy’s work is available at: mindyjostyn.com.